Hindsight Consulting Group, LLC.

Hindsight Consulting Group is a collection of specialists lending their professional skills to support the training, growth and organizational development of local organizations, both non and for profit. By providing services in customized curriculum development, training, group facilitation, program evaluation and leadership mentoring and coaching, this diverse group of professionals provide needed support to organizations that are motivated to excel.

Areas of Expertise

Between our Principal Partner and 6 specialists, our collective areas of expertise include:

  • Not-for-profit Board of Director Leadership and Utilization
  • Campus Life Mental Health Concerns
  • Professional Ethics
  • Grief and End-of-Life Issues
  • Executive Mentorship and Coaching
  • HIV/AIDS Service Provision
  • Rehabilitative Employment Services for Intellectual and Physical Challenges
  • Organizational Dynamics and Strategic Planning Services
  • Children, Adolescent, and Family Focused Education and Interventions
  • Mental Health First Aid (TM) Certified Instruction—Adult and Youth Curriculums
  • Large System Program Implementation, Crisis Management and Service Provision
  • Child welfare: Neglect and Abuse
  • Chronic Illness Issues
  • Home Visitation Program Development and Support
  • Forensic Services—Case Review and Expert Testimony
  • Homelessness Services
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Level Course and Seminar Development and Delivery
  • Behavior Change Models and Process Support